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Talks, Keynote Speeches and Workshops

Jack Keogh has presented at major conventions in the United States, Mexico, Panama, Bolivia, England, Denmark, France, Norway, China - Shanghai, Hong Kong, Taiwan - Singapore, and Belgium. He has addressed corporate gatherings in Norway, Sweden, Bolivia and Thailand. More than 40,00 people have heard him speak at events large and small.

Participants invariably describe his presentations as “informative and entertaining”.

Apart from his experience in his native Ireland, Jack lived in Spain for a year. Subsequently he worked in Mexico for ten years. Then came six years in Italy. Following that, six years in New York. After a year in Gabon, Central West Africa, he settled in the US.

He presents - in English or Spanish - on topics related to Motivation and Personal Development, Cross-cultural communication, Leadership and Teams, Human Capital and Emotional Intelligence. The following are titles of some of the presentations Jack has delivered.

Personal Development & Motivation




Emotional Intelligence:

Human Capital:

Expatriate Management:


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Coaching, Therapy, and Tomatis Method available for former LC/RC in Mexico City






Jack Keogh is a passionate, gregarious, sought-after speaker, business consultant, and coach.

He is universally characterized by colleagues, and clients as an insightful, informative and entertaing presenter and keynote speaker.

He is available for talks, keynote speeches and workshops. He travels from Trumbull, CT

His new memoir "Driving Straight on Crooked Lines: How an Irishman found his heart and nearly lost his mind" complements many presentations as a meaningful, and  inspirational gift for particpants at his talks.

The Spanish translation of the book is called:

"Historia de un Legionario de Cristo Irlandés: De cómo encontró su corazón y casi perdió la razón"